Mike Hills
"Pokey is an emulator for MS-DOS machines that allows your computer to run the thousands of Atari 8-bit programs on your PC. I hope you will find Pokey useful and will enjoy being able to run Atari 8-bit programs on your PC. If Pokey doesn't do all that you want from an Atari emulator, let me know. Also don't forget there are other freeware emulators for the PC and UNIX systems. The Atari 8-bit systems should live on forever with the wealth of 8-bit emulators out there!

"Pokey is the result of alot of study of other emulator source code for various platforms. Foremost I should thank David Firth. His Atari 800 emulator for the UNIX/Amiga platforms was used as a framework for Pokey. David and all who worked with him have done an amazing job with Atari 800 and I owe them all a million thanks. Besides the framework itself I used some parts of Atari800 in Pokey."

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Pokey for MS-DOS
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