Chris Lam
"Now you can run many of your favourite Atari 8 bit software on your PC under Windows 95 or NT with Direct X installed."


  • Emulates 400/800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 machines
  • Has 48K RAM for 400/800 machines; full 64K RAM for 800XL; full 128K for 130XE
  • Large (2x) and medium (1.5x) screen displays
  • Accepts 8K and 16K cartridge images; accepts 16K and 32K ROMs for 5200
  • Also runs Super Cartridges
  • True 256 Atari colours
  • Full ANTIC/GTIA graphics, namely all ANTIC modes, Player/Missile Graphics, fine scrolling and Display List Interrupts
  • Superb 4 channel sound using POKEY samples
  • Two virtual disk drives capable of reading single and enhanced density images
  • Transfer files between disk images and your PC hard disk
  • Four joysticks (via keypad) and four paddles (using mouse)
  • Plays many games such as PacMan, Defender, Joust, Qix, Eastern Front, Zaxxon, M.U.L.E., Montezuma's Revenge, Donkey Kong, Miner 2049er, Necromancer, Karateka, Drol, Kaboom, Pole Position, Star Raiders, BallBlazer, Alternate Reality, Caverns of Mars, etc.

"The demo has the full graphics emulation of the shareware version except for vertical fine scrolling. Other features such as larger screen displays and full 800XL/130XE emulation and 4 channel sound are not active in this demo."

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