Virtual Super System
Dan Boris
"Virtual Super System (VSS) is an Atari 5200 Super System emulator for MSDOS. VSS needs a 486 or greater processor with 2 Meg of memory and a standard VGA card to run. The emulator is still a little slow, so the faster the processor the better. On my Cyrix 133Mhz machine with PCI video card it runs at normal speed with sound and no frame skipping." Virtual Super System has the following features:
  • 16K or 32K rom images.
  • 2 joystick emulated through the keyboard.
  • Single joystick emulated through the mouse or joystick.
  • All keypad and trigger buttons on controller are emulated.
  • Configurable frame rate.
  • Full sound support.
  • Bounty Bob bank switching.
  • Integrated debugger and disassembler.
Virtual Super System does not have the following features:
  • GTIA modes 16,17,18 (Title screen to Ballblazer)
  • Mode 15 alising. (You can see this in Choplifter)
  • Vertical fine scrolling is does work in all cases (Galaxian crashes)

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