by Microcode Solutions
"WACKE is an accurate Atari 8 bit emulator for the PowerMac machines. This emulation supports GTIA, on the fly sprite changes, raster palette changes, and other difficult to emulate abilities. This emulation requires a real Atari ROM image! Please read the documentation concerning this! The demo version has some features disabled, but gives you a good idea of how well written this emulation really is." The following features are supported by WACKE:
  • Runs Atari 400 or XL programs
  • Supports 4K, 8K, and 16K cartridge images
  • Supports SD, ED, DD, and QD disk images
  • Supports DOS2 binary load files
  • Read/write MAC file through cassette device (C:)
  • Full Sound support
  • Small graphics (320x240) on demo. Full screen (640x480) on registered version
  • $5 (US) registration.

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