The Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator (UAE)
Bernd Schmidt
UAE, the first fully functional Commodore Amiga Emulator, emulates the Amiga500 computer with both 68000 and 68020 CPU and includes many features.Originally created for Unix/X compatible systems, UAE's portable C source codehas been used to port UAE to a multitude of operating systems creating supportfor a wide variety of users.

"The Phoenix" was kind enough to send us an e-mail about the purpose ofPicasso '96. His description is as follows:

"The Amiga Workbench requires monitor and video card definition files touse the higher video modes that the Amiga can support, much like Windows 95needs hardware drivers to use the video hardware. Unfortunately, in theemulation of the Amiga, you are limited to what the emulator supports, andwhat the Workbench can identify -- this is where Picasso '96 comes in. Thissmall piece of software creates new monitor and video card definitions thatare designed for the video cards that the Win32 version of UAE supports, theend result being higher resolutions with more colors."

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BeOS Port by Christian Bauer [Homepage] Linux / GGI Port by ? MacOS Port by Arnaud Blanchard [Homepage] MS-DOS Port by Gustavo Goedert [Homepage] OS/2 Xfree86 Port by Krister Bergen [Homepage] Win9x Port by M. Ortmann and Brian King [Homepage]
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