David Ellsworth
  • Apple ][+. //e. and //c emulation.
  • Up to a 32MB virtual hard drive
  • Monochrome or colour Apple display
  • PC joystick interfacing
  • Apple Super Serial Card support
  • Mockingboard emulation via Sound Blaster
Known bugs:

  • The serial interrupt code is buggy. Files almost never transfer properly (at least on my system) and it sometimes hangs or spontaneously reboots.
  • Sometimes, attempting to load a disk image will freeze ApplePC with an "Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail" message (it will not accept keyboard input because ApplePC redirects the keyboard interrupt). In specific, the errors include "Drive not ready" and "Sharing violation". To fix this, I will need to write an Int 24h handler.
  • Disk II emulation is not 100% authentic.
  • Apple ][+ mode is not 100% authentic. It should not have lowercase, and should emulate a 6502 processor (not a 65C02).
  • World Championship Karate does not run.
Future Features:
  • A better Tab file chooser
  • Keyboard re-mapping
  • A wide variety of command line parameters
  • Display of more status on the right side of the screen
  • A better user interface
  • A much better debugger
  • Use of EMS to emulate memory above 128K
  • Better Mockingboard emulation
  • Clock chip emulation
  • UniDisk (800K) support
  • Slow (rotating) disk drive mode
  • Mouse support in //e mode
  • Faster video mode switching
  • Non-blurry color mode (as seen on RGB monitors)
  • Amber monochrome
  • Adjustable tint/tone/color/hue

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ApplePC for MS-DOS [FTP Distro]
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