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"Bernie is the first publicly available Apple II emulation software for Power Macintosh computers emulating classic 8-bit Apple II and 16-bit Apple IIgs software. It allows you to run a broad range of Apple II software using state-of-the-art, powerful emulation technologies in an easy-to-use package.

"Bernie is the result of a major engineering effort. Optimized for Power Macintosh computers, Bernie combines compatibility and speed in an easy-to-use package. This unique software-only emulator coexists with MacOSr and runs virtually any Apple II and 16-bit Apple IIGS software. In both the MacOSr and Apple II world, Bernie is a reliable tool that gets your job done - on the Mac but still using your favorite software: AppleWorksr Classic, AppleWorksr GS, GraphicWriter as well as hundreds of other applications, games and tools. Bernie emulates hardware components on the lowest possible level, giving you the possibility of using GS/OSr, ProDOSr and even some 'no-DOS' software requiring accurate IWM emulation..

"Bernie's core module is a speedy 65816 emulator running at speeds far beyond that of a stock Apple IIgs (approx. 6 Mhz on 601/66Mhz machines, well beyond 25Mhz on high-end Macs). The emulation core - written in PowerPC assembly - has been tuned for performance. It supports the entire command set of the WDC 65816r in native and emulation mode. This module is surrounded by other emulated hardware components such as the n-sonic sound engine, the CleverPort disk controller, the Giga II compatibility module, and the Graffiti video blitter."

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