Colin Klipsch
"Catakig is a Macintosh application which emulates the Apple ][, Apple ][+, and Apple //e models of personal computers. It runs on Macintoshes under MacOS System 7 or 8, though it has been tested only with Systems 7.5.3 and higher. A video display that supports a 256-color mode is also strongly recommended." The following features are available with Catakig:

  • Emulates the Apple ][ and ][+ with 64K of RAM and the 6502 CPU.
  • Emulates the Apple //e with 128K of RAM and the 65C02 CPU.
  • Saves machine states for later restoring.
  • Allows multiple emulated Apple IIs to exist at once, each in a separate window.
  • Plays smooth audio with no pauses or omissions, synchronous with the video.
  • All permutations of Apple II video modes, in full color, or in monochrome with any color.
  • 40- and 80-column text using the full character sets, with normal, inverse, and flashing characters.
  • Authentic high-res color graphics quirks, including:
  • True half-shifting, so that blue, violet, orange, and green pixels are all at different horizontal offsets
  • Adjacent complementary pixels become white rows with colored fringes
  • Capturing of screen snapshots, both raster images and raw text.
  • Emulated paddles & joystick controlled by the mouse or numeric keypad.
  • In slot 6, two floppy disk drives, able to read the common DSK, PO, and NIB floppy disk image formats.
  • In slot 7, two ProDOS hard disk drives, able to read the DiskCopy 4.x format.
  • In slot 1, a virtual printer, with output in HTML.
  • In slot 4, a ProDOS clock card, valid through the year 2039.

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