Cinematronics Emulator
Zonn Moore
"I'll start by answering the most frequently asked questions:

  • There is currently no sound support.
  • There is currently no overlay support, though color *is* supported.
  • There is currently no joystick support.
  • There *is* mouse support for the appropriate games.
  • There are no graphic modes supported other that the default 640x350.
  • Star Hawk does not, and cannot support a mouse.
"As time goes by and I continue to tinker with the emulator, these things will show up..."
Download Cinematronics Emulator
Cinematronics Emulator for MS-DOS Cinematronics Emulator for Win9x by Paul Kahler and Kurt Mahan [Homepage]
Download Cinematronics Emulator Support Files
Cinematronics INI Files by Christian Oliver Windler
Cinematronics Emulator Compatibility List
  1. Armor Attack
  2. Barrier
  3. Boxing Bugs
  4. Rip-Off
  1. Solar Quest
  2. Space War
  3. Star Castle
  4. Sun Dance
  1. TailGunner
  2. Warrior
  3. War of the Worlds

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