Li Jih Hwa
"The first M72 game: the R-TYPE came out at 1987. It is the first shooting game IREM made and it was a great hit!"

"I read from the Japanese Gamest magazine that nobody seemed to pay attention to it when they were invited to visit IREM but after they had examined R-TYPE in IREM's office, everyone astonished. The superb graphics and the extremely creative game system really rocked. After R-TYPE, IREM published another shooting-game: the Adventure of Mr. HERI at 1987. In 1988, the hard-core action : Ninja Spirit came out. Because the problem of game-balancing, Ninja Spirit didn't hit very much. In 1989, IREM published another shooting game: the Image Fight. It was done by the same team of R-TYPE and it was again a very creative shooting game. Before the end of 1989, the action game: Lengend of Hero Tonma was released."

"Currently M72 emulator supports the 5 games mentioned above. It will support more games in the future. The M72 emulator is coded mainly in C, only the video renderer is in assembly so the emulator performance may not be very good at low end systems."

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M72 Compatibility List
  1. R-Type (jap)
  2. Ninja Spirit
  3. Legend of Hero Tonma
  4. Battle Chopper
  5. Image Fight
  6. R-Type 2
  7. Dragon Breed
  8. Hammerin'Harry
  9. Gallop - Armed Police Unit
  10. Mr.Heli (Battle Chopper-jap)
  11. R-Type (us)
  12. X-Multiply

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