Mark Slagell
"TOSBOX provides an environment for running TOS and GEM applications under DOS or Windows. It uses an operating system image which you can create on your actual Atari machine, and operates with most of the PC's peripherals.

"The design of TOSBOX is unique in working from the system down rather than from the hardware up. The goal was not to make a PC behave as exactly as possible like an ST, but to run Atari applications as smoothly as possible on a PC. Whenever possible, system calls were redirected and translated; then, in cases where that failed to be reliable, the behavior of the actual hardware behavior was emulated. The resulting product is able to run a considerable variety of popular software. I am interested to hear your results on specific programs so I can list conflicts in future documentation and continue to improve compatibility.

"I wish to emphasize that TOSBOX is not a complete hardware-level emulation of an Atari ST. As such, it is not intended to run games and graphics demos. For that I suggest using PaCifiST, by Frederic Gidouin.

"The CPU emulation core is written in assembly language, and its speed on a Pentium 75 is typically about twice that of a stock ST, depending on the task. Because of the design objectives described above, TOSBOX does a disproportionate amount of its work in the PC domain rather than in CPU emulation, so in practical terms it generally works faster than the numbers would suggest."

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