Hakan Sundell
"Welcome to the world of CCS64. This a software emulator for theCommodore 64 computer. You may say this is not the first program tryingto emulate the C64. But this is planned to be the finale C64 emulator. Ihave worked in several years with this product, studying the C64 into itsinnermost secrets. This shareware version should run perfectly with allgames or demos, even those using the 1541 disk drive."


  • 99.9% 6510 CPU. All imaginable programs should work. The emulation of CPU is cycle exact and considers all strange side-effects.
  • 99.9% 6567 VIC - PAL. All imaginable graphics modes and effect should work. The emulation of VIC is pixel exact and considers all strange effects, both known and unknown, as it emulates the inner workings of the VIC chip.
  • 6581 SID. Nearly 100% except for filters. The emulation of SID is cycle exact and constructs fully synthetic samples in 8 or 16 bits resolution.
  • 99.9% 6526 CIAS. All features of the I/O circuits. The emulation of CIA is cycle exact.
  • 99% Commodore 1541 Diskdrive. The emulation of 1541 is cycle exact.
  • C64 Keyboard. All keys including Restore.

Emulator Features:

  • Graphics output for VGA in resolutions 384x282,384x246,368x240 and 320x200.
  • Sound output for Soundblaster or Ultrasound in quality up to the maximum the soundcard manages (45454 Hz in 16 bit).
  • 'Reset and Load' of one-parted programs in .PRG or .T64 file formats.
  • Screen snap-shot, saves an image of the whole current C64 screen (504x312 pixels).
  • Joystick emulation, both with keys and real PC joysticks.
  • Options menu.
  • True tape emulation including turbotape and tape images (use originals on tape). Sorry but for the true tape images, I am the only on able to create them, as I use special hardware and program on my AMIGA computer.
  • Freeze function, to save or restore the status of the emulator. This feature is under development so use with care...
  • Machine code monitor. This feature is under development so use with care...
Registered Version Features:
  • Ability to actually save the currently used .D64 file that is used for 1541 emulation. This enables you to save hiscores etc. from games that saves data to the 1541 diskdrive. *** This feature is ready ***
  • Create empty .D64 files. *** This feature is ready ***
  • Better options menu.
  • Making wave-files from C64 music. *** This feature is ready ***
  • Cartridge support.
  • Speed control. *** This feature is ready ***
  • Support for different file formats like LYNX and extended 1541.
  • Memory expansion unit REU 1750 (16Mb).
  • Commodore 1351 Mouse emulation.

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