Michael Kramer
"MagiC64 is a fast C64-Emulator for the Amiga which offers:"

  • Full 6510 emulation including illegal opcodes
  • Line oriented VIC emulation
    • All graphics modes
    • Full sprite emulation
    • Horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Sound emulation with 6581sid.library and playsid.library
  • ROM emulation, but use of original ROMs is also possible
  • Keyboard and joystick input
  • Floppy 1541 emulation
    • Load and save all programs within seconds
    • Nearly all 1541 commands are supported
  • Support for the following formats:
    • D64 disk images
    • T64 tape images
    • P00 files
    • C64 files
  • Powerful 6510 monitor
  • Bitplane optimized graphics functions, on fast Amigas original C64 speed is possible. Graphics cards are supported using CyberGfx.
  • Emulator runs in a fully multitasking environment
  • Amiga Guides are available in English and German
  • MC68020 or higher
  • 1.8 MB free memory
  • Kickstart V2.04 or higher
"For optimum performance you should have a fast 68030 or 68040. AGA is not required but of course supported"
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