Personal C64
by Wolfgang Lorenz
Personal C64 v2.14 for Windows 95/NT/31 - runs 50% of the C64 games - has sound - supports fastloaders - contains database with 4000 games Recommended system is a Pentium-100 with 256 KB PB-Cache and a PCI graphics card with hardware scaling and a DirectDraw driver. Shareware restrictions: No joysticks, no extensions

Originally a commercial emulator, Personal C64 is now available as freeware! PC64 allows multiple sessions to be open simulataneously, allowing gamers to open several games. Being one of the earliest Commodore emulators to hit the Internet, PC64 has its own legacy, and still lives up to its name! This is recommended download for compatibility purposes! Future work on PC64 is undetermined, however, a future release of the source code to Personal C64 is a possibility!

Download Personal C64
Personal C64 for MS-DOS
Personal C64 for Win95
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