Roland Lieger
"Power64 emulates all important features of a real C-64 such as:"
  • MOS 6510 CPU Emulation (incl. Illegal Opcodes)
  • VIC (VideoIC) Emulation (Scanline-Based, incl. all Video Modes, Sprites, Soft-Scrolling, Raster Interrupts, Sprite
  • Collision, Open Top/Bottom Borders)
  • SID (SoundID) Emulation (incl. Waveforms, Envelopes (ADSR), Ring-Modulation, Synchronisation, Samples; excl.
  • Filters, Resonance)
  • CIA Emulation (incl. Timers, Interrupts, Time of Day, Alarm)
  • Optional Original C64 Keyboard Layout or Macintosh Keyboard Layout
  • Joysticks (both via real ADB Joysticks and Keyboard mapping), Paddles and Lightpen emulated
  • CPU Level 1541 Floppy Disk Emulation. Can handle most fast-loaders and special floppy tricks.
  • ROM Level 1541 Disk Drive emulated (both *.D64 and *.X64 files supported) for fast and easy disk access.
  • Direct Access to Macintosh File System (both *.C64 and *.P00 files supported)
  • Tape Drive (Datasette) emulated (*.T64 and Lynx files)
  • TapeDisk: *.T64 and Lynx files can also be used on disk drives
  • Printer Emulation (Text only)

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