Versatile Commodore 8-bit Emulator (VICE)
Ettore Perazzoli
"VICE is a Versatile Commodore Emulator, i. e. a program that runs on a Unix or MS/DOS/Windows 95 machine and executes programs intended for the old Commodore 8-bit computers."

VICE is a portable emulator written for X11 that has previously had a now obsolete MacOS port. VICE is not only a Commodore 64 emulator however, it also emulates the VIC20 and the PET3032-8032 with all their respective peripherals. This is definately an interesting emulator, and the entire team including: Ettore Perazzoli, Teemu Rantanen, Andre Fachat, Jouko Valta, Daniel Sladic, and Jarkko Sonninen, deserve a pat on the back (and some porters!)

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