Martin Korth
From the brilliant author of NO$GMB comes NO$CPC, a new emulator for the Amstrad CPC! This emulator is packages with several ROMs to get you started, and his page also has a link to a ROM archive! Not bad!

"this program is free anyway, if you really like no$cpc you may want to transfer some cash think 1% of your monthly income should be a good choice. (don't send money each month, one time is generally enough) therefore if you have an income of $2000, please send $20 to me (or whatever you want). if your income is beyond $800 forget all above, keep your cash."


Note: Versions that are pmode optimized are faster than those that are optimised using standard methods, but they will not work with any version of Windows running. Optimised versions (I think) also require that you download the standard version (the top one).

Download NO$CPC
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