Julien Frelat, Richard Ribier, Lurent Mallet, and Mike Kershaw
"BoyCott is a Nintendo GameBoy emulator entirely written in C. It works on various platforms (MsDos, Linux, Unix, Macintosh)."


  • Z80-like CPU at 4.194304 Mhz
  • Real-Time emulation (cycle count)
  • BG/Window displaying and refreshing
  • Sprites 8x8/8x16/Flipping X/Flipping Y
  • Sprite priorities/transparencies
  • BG Scrolling
  • Raster effects (line-per-line graphics engine for BG/Window)
  • VBlank/LCDC/Timer/SIO interrupts
  • Joypad emulation (PC keyboard)
  • Echo Memory
  • DMA Transfer
  • Divider Register
  • MBC1/MBC2 ROM/RAM Bank switching
  • 32Ko to 4Mo cartridges loading
  • GB file format
  • Savefiles (GB batteries)
Special Features
  • ROM analysis
  • Built-in debugger (MS-DOS)
  • Color definitions for BG/OBJ0/OBJ1/WINDOW
  • Two versions: Emulator or Debugger (MS-DOS)
  • Two versions: French or English (MS-DOS)
  • Skin (BMP) loading and 5 default skins included (MS-DOS)
  • Frame skipping
  • One or two joysticks autodetection
  • Reset/Pause/Halt keys
  • Screenshots saving in .BMP format
  • Real-time loading and saving with smallest possible size (according to ROMs)
Coming in v0.40
  • PCX loading/saving
  • Fix last bugs in my Z80 engine (may fixes some games)
  • Optimize ROM/RAM bank switching
  • Optimize some parts of the code
  • Add joystick support
  • Add mouse support (idea of Johan Guiheneuf)
  • Fix X sprite priorities (is it necessary ?)
  • Add SOUND (with Adlib I think)
  • Add a GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Add synchronization for highly powerful Pentium-class computers
Bugs have been found in the following games:

  • Zelda (Garbage with maps and objects)
  • SAGA/FF1 (Does not work)
  • SAGA2/FF2 (Does not work)

Download Boycott
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