Martin Korth
"Yet another emulator. Based on the No Cash CPC emulator (NO$CPC). This one will emulate de Nintendo Gameboy. There are other Gameboy emulators. This one is speedy..."


  • Fastest CPU emulation out there
  • Multiple Machine Emulation (up to 12 gameboys on one PC) (2 player links)
  • Integrated assembler/disassembler/debugger
  • 3 channel melodic sound plus 1 crash-dish-etc-channel
  • Realtime emulation (example: res_1,(hl) will count 16 cycles)
  • Mouse menus, mouse & stick & keyboard joypad-control
  • Super Gameboy (SGB) Emulation!
  • NEW!Color Gameboy (CGB) Emulation!

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