Virtual Gameboy
by Marat Fayzullin

"Virtual GameBoy (VGB) is a portable emulator of the Nintendo GameBoyhandheld videogame console written in C. I have always been a big fan of GameBoy and even wrote an FAQ on it. In 1995, I have accidentally stumbledupon an information file on GameBoy hardware written by Pan of Anthrox,and started the VGB project. At the present time, VGB successfully runsoverhelming majority of GameBoy games and supports such esoteric devicesas GameGenie and SuperGameBoy.

"The VGB source code had publicly distributable status for a very longtime. Unfortunately, it looks that for each person geniunely interested inhardware hacking and revival of the old videogame experience, there is adozen of adolescent gremlins hungry for a quick fun of playing piratedGameBoy games on their PCs. Because of that, I decided to stop releasingVGB source code and terminate the development of the free version of VGBfor MSDOS, formerly done by Marcel de Kogel. I am no longer willing toprovide free entertainment for these vermin."

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