by Ville Helin
Wzonka-Lad is the equivalent of GB '97, but for the Amiga! Wzonka-Lad fully multitasks, has multiple screen modes, and supports many different joystick types! Its the definitive Amiga Gameboy emulator, but a pity that it costs money. I suppose good coding deserves a return (grin). The following features are available with Wzonka-Lad:

  • 100% Assembler coded
  • Fully multitasking
  • OCS/ECS compatible with fast bonus AGA modes
  • Direct cybergraphics support
  • User definable screenmode
  • Output to Workbench screen, custom OS screen or AGA h/w screen
  • Gfx emulation on a scanline basis or once in every screen draw
  • User definable palette (universal and cartridge independent)
  • Save preferences for every cartridge
  • Support for joystick, cd32 joypad, Sega 2 and 4 button joypads and keyboard
  • Three different executables, FULL, FAST and WARP
  • Can load XPK packed ROM images
  • Recalls the 10 recently played cartridges
  • RAM snapshot saving (with XPK packing or not)
  • Comes packed with a palette editor executable
  • VGB colour file support
  • VGB battery ram save file support
  • Sounds! (Needs a key file)
  • Audio quality can be selected
  • gadtools.library GUI!

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