by Markus Gietzen
"XGenEm 0.1 BETA is a quick and dirty port of GenEm 0.21 BETA for MS-DOS!

"GenEm was the first working SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Emulator! It was released in the late 1996 for M$-DOS. Now we have August 1998 and I used the sources of the DOS-Version to port it to Linux (currently the only supported platform)."


  • MC68000, Z80
  • Video (without the very rare used interlaced mode)
  • battery-backed-up RAM
  • GameGenie Codes (for cheating)
Not Featured Yet:
  • Sound
  • Joysticks

Download XGenEm
XGenEm for Linux

Download Unsupported GenEm Versions
GenEm for MS-DOS GenEm for Win95
Download Unsupported Older GenEm Ports
GenEm for MacOS by Brain Verre
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