st0rm Sega Genesis Emulator
David Sánchez Primo
"st0rm is a project to emulate the genesis/megadrive machine. Actually is in a early stage named alpha, so you can't expect much of it at least not for the moment :). With st0rm you will be able to play at least 50% of genesis roms although it will not play music and it will be a bit slow ... In the near future i will finish the cpu core in fast ASM and sound will be implemented, then i will name it "beta version". What i'm trying to say you is that at the present st0rm isn't a good emulator, and if you're only thinking about playing roms, you should use kgen/genecyst instead until a new and more complete version of st0rm arrives.

"Now, When will next version arrive? well, it depends on how many free time I have. In any event, i want you to know i'm developing this emu as a hobby and to test and amplify my acknowledgments; i've no plans to compete directly with kgen/genecyst/genem."

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