Virtual Genesis
Jason Meehan
Ports: MS-DOS
Language: ASM/C
Last Release: May 19, 1998
License: Freeware
"Virtual Genesis will let you play Sega Genesis/Megadrive games on your pc (MS-DOS only). I also might add Mastersystem.Gemegear and Sega cd emulation sometime in the future. Virtual Genesis is programmed in C (djgpp) and assembler. Currently VGen can run all demo programs and some commercial roms. Also, if anyone has any information on the Sega CD please e-mail me."

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
Supported features:

  • 68000 by Neill Corlett
  • Built in debugger by Neil Corlett
  • Genesis main RAM, VRAM, CRAM, Z80 RAM, VDP Registers
  • DMA
  • V Interrupt
  • Plane A, Plane B, Sprite Plane
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling
  • Controller 1 & 2 Emulation

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