Kevin Lawton, Bochs Software
"Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulatesenough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run DOS, Windows '95,Minix 2.0, and other OS's, all on your workstation.

"Though Bochs is commercial software, source code for Bochs is availableon the Internet, provided you abide by the license with the sourcecode.

"Bochs compiles/runs on almost any Unix/X11 platform, and recently, onBeOS. Additionally, there is work ongoing by a member of the bochs-developersteam, on an NT port of Bochs."

Download BOCHS
BOCHS for BeOS, Linux, Unix [Homepage]
Download Official BOCHS Ports
BOCHS for Java by ? [Homepage]

BOCHS for OS/2 by Nick Behnken [Homepage]

BOCHS for Win95 by David Ross [Homepage]
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