by Matthias Lautner and Robert Sanders
"DOSEmu stands for DOS Emulation, and is a Linux application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs including some DPMI apps."

Explanation of compatibility and other information is scarce on the DOSEmu homepage, however, many Linux users have testified their love for DOSEmu and it's range of compatibility. I've heard reports of MS-DOS emulators being played through DOSEmu with no problems at all.


  • The ability to virtualize all input/output and processor control instructions
  • The ability to support the word size and addressing modes of the iAPX86 processor family's "real mode," while still running within the full protected mode environment
  • The ability to trap all DOS and BIOS system calls and emulate such calls as are necessary for proper operation and good performance
  • The ability to simulate a hardware environment over which DOS programs are accustomed to having control.
  • The ability to provide MS-DOS services through native Linux services; for example, dosemu can provide a virtual hard disk drive which is actually a Linux directory hierarchy."

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