Willows TWIN
by Willows Software
"Willows Software offers the Willows Toolkit for migrating and developing Windows applications on alternative platforms. The Willows Toolkit consists of the Willows Twin Libraries and Tools necessary to support Windows applications on platforms other than the traditional Windows-based PC. The Willows Twin Libraries have been released in source form over the internet with the GNU Library Public License. We are committed to developing and supporting the Willows Twin Libraries on Linux, and by releasing the full sources of the Willows Twin Libraries, will actively encourage and support efforts by developers to support the software on any platform."


  • Windows APIs (16- and 32-bit)
  • MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
  • Windows 3.x Common Dialogs
  • Windows 32 Custom Controls
  • Communication (WinSock, WNET, DDEML, Serial Driver)
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Clipboard Operations, Metafiles. Registration Database
  • Support for .ini, .hlp, and .rc Files
  • MFC 4 Support
  • Development Tools

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