Ben Haynor
"MetaLynx is a DOS-based emulator for the portable Atari Lynx system written entirely in 386 assembly language, utilizing Adam Seychell's DOS32 protected mode extender. It is freeware, but not to be distributed with any ROMs."


  • 65SC02 CPU + its 64KB RAM
  • Mikey registers related to display, palette, timers and cartridge loading
  • Suzy registers related to sprites, math, and the joypad
Near future:
  • Full featured GUI
  • Sprite Engine Improvement and rewrite in C, possibly C++
Far future:
  • Sound
Known Bugs and Limitations:
  • When running in full screen DOS mode on exit in certain cases the keys don't respond for a few seconds or until you hit Alt-Enter
  • One reported instance of wierd display behavior on exit
  • Under Win95 when running an image from a different drive, the chronically annoying "This program may not run well unles in MS-DOS mode" message box pops up
  • Compatibility rate sucks sh*t through a thin straw - to be solved soon, hopefully

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