by Microcode Solutions
"FUSION is a software-only, full featured, 68K based Macintosh emulation. The emulation is a hardware level emulation, meaning that each piece of hardware found in a real Macintosh is virtually present in the emulation. If an application pokes at a piece of hardware to see if it exists, the application will think it is there. Support for video display hardware, floppy drives, SCSI drives, modems, printers, etc. are available using standard PC compatible devices.

"FUSION is result of numerous years of Macintosh emulation technology. FUSION for PC compatibles is a direct port of our already successful Amiga version."


  • Works on all PC compatible machines with a 486 or higher CPU.
  • Supports all Macintosh operating systems (6.x through 8.x).
  • On the fly resolution switching (System 7.5.0 or later required).
  • Supports 16, 256, "thousands", & "millions" modes (based on video hardware ability).
  • Stereo audio via SoundBlaster(tm) and compatible audio cards.
  • Support for up to 10 virtual Macintosh devices, including hardfiles and virtual floppy drives.
  • Built-in CD-ROM support (requires MSCDEX).
  • Direct SCSI access through any PC compatible SCSI controller (requires ASPI manager).
  • Modem and printer support through any PC serial or parallel port.
  • Support for Macintosh serial devices, such as graphic tablets & digitizers.
  • Support for accessing PC drives from the Macintosh dekstop.
  • Custom FPU routines for high performance floating point operations.
  • 100% hand optimized x86 assembly language for best possible performance.
  • Support for 512K, and 1MB Macintosh ROM images.
  • Easy to use, self-configuring user interface.
  • Written by the leaders in emulation technology, responsible for the world's first color Macintosh
  • emulation and the world's first Intel Pentium processor compatible PC emulation!
  • Includes software for capturing ROM images from a real Macintosh machine.
  • Includes software for reading/writing Macintosh disk images for use with the emulation.

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  • Fusion v3.1 (unavailable for download)
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