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"Gemulator 98 version 5.01 is the latest release in the Gemulator series of Atari ST emulators for MS-DOS and Windows. Gemulator 98 is the world's most advanced Apple Macintosh emulator for Windows, running all versions of the System software up to version System 7.5.5. Gemulator 98 is also the only Atari ST emulator that supports all versions of Atari ST and STE TOS ROMs (1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2.05, and 2.06) and all versions of MagiC, including MagiC 2, MagiC 4, MagiC 5, and the versions of MagiC included with MagiC PC. Up to 16 different Atari ST and Macintosh operating systems can be installed on your PC at once. Gemulator 98 will switch between them with the click of a mouse or a keystroke.

"Gemulator 98 now supports the use of disk images, both for floppy disks and hard disks. Use .ATR, .XFD, .ST, .DSK, .IMG, .VHD and other disk image formats directly with Gemulator 98!

"Gemulator 98 also supports direct connection of Macintosh SCSI devices such as ZIP disks, Jaz disks, and CD-ROMs via the PC's SCSI bus.

"Gemulator 98 supports more disk based Atari ST TOS versions

  • Magic, KAOS TOS, TOS 1.0, TOS 1.4, and others. Run Atari ST software without additional hardware!

    "Use this demo to run Macintosh System 7 on your PC, to run Word 5.1 and Wingz and MacPaint and all your favorite Mac Classic applications. Use this demo to run Atari 8-bit games, and to run Atari ST productivity software such as Calamus SL, Pagestream, GFA Basic, and others."

    Why get Gemulator '98?
    "We know there are a lot of existing ways to run Macintosh, Atari, and Windows software on the same computer. Based on what customers tell us, most of these solutions are unsatisfactory. Virtual PC on the PowerMac works, but is incredibly slow on everything but the latest G3 machines. Executor is sort of a Macintosh emulator for MS-DOS. Sort of. It doesn't even run System 7, isn't optimized for Windows or the Pentium processor, and costs about double the price of Gemulator 98. MagiC PC, an Atari ST emulator for Windows that uses the same MagiC operating system that Gemulator does, well, it too is twice the price and about 1/3 the speed of Gemulator. And there are other products, all pretty much limited to running Windows very slowly on a Mac, or running Mac very poorly on a PC.

    "We want you to give Gemulator 98 a try!!! We've shown it at Macworld. People's jaws dropped and eyes popped out. Now try it for yourself. If you currently own any of the following products: EXECUTOR, SOFT WINDOWS, VIRTUAL PC, or MAGIC PC, we'll include a free set of Atari ST or Apple Macintosh ROMs with your Gemulator 98 + ROM card purchase. You save up to $50 on the cost of ROMs."

    Download Gemulator '98
    Gemulator '98 for Win95 [
    Download Gemulator '96
    Gemulator '96 for Win95 [Homepage]
    Download Gemulator Classic
    Gemulator Clasic for MS-DOS [Homepage]
    "Gemulator Classic 3.6 is a freeware release of Gemulator for use on MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and OS/2 Warp. It requires a 386/33 or faster, any VGA graphics card, and any MS-DOS compatible operating system with at least 2 megabytes of available memory. Use it on computers that can't run the Windows 95 version.

    "Gemulator Classic supports all the same operating systems as Gemulator 96: TOS 1.0, TOS 1.2, TOS 1.4, TOS 1.6, TOS 2.05, TOS 2.06 and 64K Apple Macintosh ROMs (a Gemulator ROM card is required), TOS 1.0 on disk (the original 520ST disk based TOS) and TOS 1.4 on disk (the 1988 developer release), and MagiC 2, MagiC 4 and MagiC 5 on disk including versions of MagiC that come with MagiC PC and the MagiC PC demo.

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