Christian Bauer
"ShapeShifter is a multitasking Macintosh-II emulator for the Amiga and DraCo computers. It allows to run Macintosh software concurrently to Amiga applications without hardware add-ons or modifications."


  • Supports MacOS 7.1 thru 7.6 (8.x will come later, sorry)
  • Color display up to 256 colors on AGA Amigas (16 colors on ECS) and up to 16,7 million colors on graphics cards
  • Accelerated graphics with CyberGraphX/Picasso96
  • Support for one or two monitors
  • No MMU required, even runs on A1200
  • Macintosh hard disks can be simulated in Amiga files or Amiga hard disk partitions
  • Can use Amiga floppy drives, serial, parallel and SCSI ports from the Mac
  • Mac HD disks can be read directly with an HD floppy drive, Mac 720K disks can be used with any Amiga floppy
  • drive. To use Mac 800K disks, you have to own CrossMAC and an original Mac drive. ShapeShifter also supports the
  • Catweasel controller.
  • 8 bit stereo sound output (sound cards supported via AHI)
  • Sound input with parallel-port sound digitizers
  • Access to Ethernet networks
  • Simple networking between two Amigas with PLIP
  • Text clipboard sharing between Mac and Amiga
  • File handler to access Macintosh volumes from the Workbench
  • Speed comparable to a real Mac with equivalent hardware

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