vMac: The Virtual Macintosh Project
by ?
"vMac is a Macintosh emulator that currently emulates a Motorola 68000 based Apple Macintosh Plus. A ROM image from a Plus is required, we plan to implement other 68000 machines, such as SEs and II series. Currently System 7.5.5 is the latest vMac can boot, which is the latest System a real MacPlus can boot. vMac runs in black an white, a larger screen and color is the next thing we are working on. That's right, vMac currently works and boots! All you need is a ROM image from a MacPlus (utilities and directions provided), and your Windows, DOS, UNIX, OS/2, or NeXT machine can run vMac."
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vMac for Unix [
Download Official vMac Ports
Linux Port by ? MacOS Port by Richard Bannister MS-DOS Port by Yoav Shadmi NEXT STEP Port by ? OS/2 Port by David Bacher and Marcus Childs Win95 Port by Weston Pawlowski, Bill Miller, Ryan Hill, and Mike Voellinger
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