Ricardo Bittencourt
"Why would anyone make another MSX emulator? The reason is that all current MSX emulators are not 100% accurate and have too high requirements. BRMSX will be the fastest and most accurate MSX emulator ever. To assure that, BRMSX is all written in 32-bit assembly. There will be not a single line of C code in this emulator.

"BRMSX will also have support to special brazilian hardware, like MEGARAM and low-level, port-based floppy disk support. It will be modeled after the "Expert 1.0", a brazilian MSX clone.

"And BRMSX is not only for the gamers. The built-in debugger will help the MSX programmers, since it has many features that can't be found on native debuggers, like true breakpoints, step-by-step execution, and facilities to read all the MSX hardware information."

Features never before seen in an MSX emulator:

  • Near perfect Z80 emulation. (Only to pass in all ZEXALL tests)
  • Save and load state at any time without Game Master.
  • Multiplayer game through a serial cable.
  • Support to the Brazilian memory expansion cartridge "MegaRAM".
  • Support to voice in games likes "Super Laydock" and "Star Wars".
  • An easy to use GUI (graphic user interface)
  • Native support for port-based DISK.ROM, without patches
  • LED emulation (including Caps Lock LED and Drive LED)
  • TV emulation, with scanlines and low-pass filter.
  • MMX technology and Pentium extensions
  • Software video cache

Bugs to fix:

  • 256x200 mode has bugs when border color is changed to anything different than black.
  • Sound may sometimes lose synch. I'm *still* working on this.
  • Sprite collision detection

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