Martin Korth
Hello to no$msx, this emulator has been solely programmed for the reason that I needed a fast emulator that let me play H.E.R.O. and Beamrider, please notice that no$msx could hardly compete with other emulators, not much work put into the project, and not much support planned in future.

The program doesn't support MSX2, the video emulation includes only the most basic requirements, same for interrupt emulation, actually practically everything that wasn't required for the above two games is missing, alltogether I spent only 6 days of action coding on the project.

However, the CPU emulation is stable and fast, raw disk images are supported, sound is crappy, and all games that I did test (alltogether around 4 or 5) did work, I would be sure that lots of games won't work, but as I said, not much further support planned.

Just to let you know that no$msx exists, if you like it for some reason, enjoy it, otherwise just ignore it.




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