Lex Lechz
Even if there are a lot of already existing MSX-emulators I wanted to write another one for the Win32-platform (Windows 95, Windows NT, including support for DirectX). DOS emulators have too many restrictions on future windows-versions, so it's obvious that a new emulator must be Win32-based (more stable, more memory, faster). The main-problem is that no one of the existing emulators is really complete. Most of them are featuring only 2nd generation (MSX2) components! To finish such a project with success it seems necessary, that this emulator is FreeWare. So each interested programmer can add/fix components to the public source-code. Unfortunately most of the already existing sources are only ShareWare (even if they are are marked as free). So it was not possible to adapt existing code - instead I had to write a new one (with new bugs and waste of time).




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