Virtual MSX
Sean Young

  • Full Windows 3.1 app. Not an excuse for an application, like fMSX for Windows
  • Runs most MSX1 games
  • Tape emulation by use of wave in/out devices and .tap files
  • Fast, because all of the emulator parts are written in 32 bit assembly and WinG
  • Supports MegaROMs through .ROM files (the same format as for fMSX) and binary files as the CJS emulator
  • Extremely cool GUI with some interesting features, like adjustable colours
  • Joystick emulation
  • Emulates printer in a very nice way: it can save the printer queue as formatted text file including pictures, etc.
  • Includes help file with a lot of info
  • Emulates The Game Master 2 SRAM
  • Disk emulation for DSK files and real disk drives
  • Includes program to save MSX ROM Cartridges.

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