Lone Wolf
"DragoNes is a freeware DOS Nintendo emulator. With this program, you can play your old NES games (but still very good according to me). I know there is already good NES emulator (NESticle and iNES just to name them) but i wanted to create my own. My first idea was to make a emulator that will be able to run all the Dragon Warrior/Quest because any others emulator were able to run Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 and Dragon Quest 4. This is why this emulator is called DragoNes. Now, i don't want to emulate just those game, i want to make a near perfect emulator with feature that others emulator dosen't have right now (lightgun support, 4 player support... etc...). This emulator is written completly in C++ (expect asm soon!). Except for the major part of the 6502 emulation taken from VICE and the 256x224 VGA tweak taken from NESA, the rest is completly written from scratch."


  • Complete 6502 opcode map
  • Sprites
  • Memory mapper #0,1(partial),2,3
  • All the PPU registers
  • Battery-Backed RAM

Things not currently emulated:

  • 2, 3, 4 player support
  • Lightgun
  • Sound
  • Many memory mappers

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