Family Computer Emulator
"This software is *VERY* early stage. It can work with few cart. If you play game,there are many good other emulator already. If you are interested in inside emulator,It may be useful. so I release it with source for programmer.(but very dirty code.) This source are for DOS/VGA with DJGPP v2.

"Why I make NES emulator where many many emulator are available? I want to port NES emulator to PlayStation,but I can't find Portable C source except xNes,it is too slow for PS on R3000/33Mhz. so now I'm making NES emu for DOS/VGA first. My last target is PlayStation with portable code, some console emulator. especialy, if PC-Engine CD-ROM run on PS console,it's funny, isn't it? I don't know this project will finish or not."

Changes with unofficial FCE++ v0.02 since FCE v0.1:

  • Changed line-by-line
  • Fixed Sound emulation (but noisy,only Frequency)
  • Added Sprite&BG Priority
  • Added Sound Volume (+&- key)
  • Disable Sound Channel ( F1 - F5
  • Fixed Mapper bug (zelda1...)
  • Battery-backed ram (.sav) Support
  • Added Speed adjustment (gamesp.txt file)
  • Fixed Sound emulation (but noisy,only Frequency)
  • Fixed $4017 bug

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FCE for MS-DOS [Homepage]
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Linux Port by by FCE++ for MS-DOS improved by Unix/X Port by eggman
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