Nintendo Emulators

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a groundbreaking system which single handedly brought gaming to a whole new level. When video games were seemingly going out-of-style, the NES came along and with a great selection of software, took the gaming market over. The NES stood on top for over ten years as the system of choice of many, and now with emulation this classic system lives on!

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  1. fwNES (v0.302 / Linux, MS-DOS)
    With true sound emulation and mapper support that would even make NESticle tremble, fwNES has taken the Nintendo emulation scene by storm. The author, Fanwen, has made his goal to get the Nintendo completely emulated and to do it as fast and accurately as possible. Fanwen also wants to take emulation to the next level by adding all sorts of interesting features to his emulator.

  2. NESticle (vx.xx / MS-DOS)
    NESticle. What a joke! At least that's what most people said when they first heard the name of this emulator in the Spring of 1997. The joke was that not only did NESticle out perform interNES, but NESticle was also the fast, user friendly, and truly amazing solution to the Nintendo emulation scene. NESticle is still a very strong and fast Nintendo emulator and has set the precident for all future Nintendo emulators.

  3. LoopyNES (v0.51 / MS-DOS)
    LoopyNES has proven itself to be quite a good Nintendo emulator. Although its support is less than NESticle or fwNES it is steadily catching up, it has great sound, zapper support allowing you to play duck hunt and hogan's alley etc. etc. with your mouse, state saving, long file name support, VS system emulation, game genie support and is one of the few Nintendo emulators to boast a nearly perfect color pallete. (Much nicer then NESticle's) LoopyNES' main drawbacks are its lack of support for games with just about anything strange.

  4. interNES (v1.0 / All OS(s) except MS-DOS)
    Marat Fayzullin's interNES pioneered the .NES file format and was the first major emulator to challenge PasoFami, the quirky Japanese Nintendo emulator. To deal with the lack of an MS-DOS port, dozens of emulation fanatics installed versions of Linux on their computers for the sole purpose of playing interNES, until NESticle came and whooped tail.

Acorn RiscOS Computers
  1. MESS


  1. A/NES
  2. CoolNESs
  3. DarkNESs
  4. MESS
  5. AmiNES

Atari ST

  1. GodleNES


  1. interNES
  2. GrayBox
  3. MESS
  4. xNES
  5. NESMac
  1. fwNES
  2. NESticle
  3. LoopyNES
  4. PC-NES
  5. NESemu
  6. RockNES
  7. Nofrendo
  8. MadNES
  9. tNES
  10. MESS
  11. DragoNES
  12. FCE Ultra
  13. FCEmu
  14. DarcNES
  15. NES Lord
  16. NESA
  17. NEZulator
  18. Ultimate NES
  19. uNESential
  20. NESem
Nintendo 64
  1. vNES64


  1. Famicom Emulator

Unix (Linux, X, etc.)

  1. fwNES
  2. interNES
  3. xNES
  4. DarcNES


  1. interNES
  2. Famicom
  3. BioNES
  4. WinNES
  5. MESS
  6. Pasofami '99
  7. NES496
  8. NES4PC
  9. FCFan

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