LoopyNES is a nice emulator, which boasts excellent sound and a good color palette.

"LoopyNES supports two 'strange' things that I can think of off the top of my head. One is raster effects such as palette changes in mid-screen, and 'horizon' effects. Rad Racer is actually playable in LoopyNES (it has minor graphics problems, but at least the track is visible, unlike Nesticle). The palette-change support can be noticed in the Final Fantasy series: the screen flash before a battle is visible in LoopyNES, but not Nesticle.

"The second LoopyNES feature is something which no other emulator has, and I'm quite surprised it was left out of the mini-review: Zapper support! Playing Duck Hunt with a mouse is kinda lame, but it definitely counts as "anything strange" :)"

- Alex W. Jackson (author of Final Fantasy III English)




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