Roberto Rosario
"madNES is an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System written entirely in ANSI C. It's compiled using DJGPP, and Allegro is currently used to drive the graphics engine also SEAL is currently used for sound. Although madNES is MS-DOS based, the source code is very modular and rather easy to port. However no ports are planned in the meantime. This emulator is freeware, meaning that you don't have to pay anything to own it and that you can distribute it free of charge, as long as it remains unmodified and no games are included with it."


  • MCS6502 (apparently bug free).
  • Almost all PPU registers.
  • Sprites (8x8 & 8x16).
  • Partial trainer support.
  • Battery-backed RAM.
  • All 4 Name table mirroring modes
  • Sprite flipping.
  • Sprite clipping.
  • Sprite priorities.
  • Scrolling.
  • 3 different rendering engines
  • Mappers 0,2,3, partial 1,4,7,9,10,11,15,16
  • Very accurate NES timing.
  • Near perfect palette
  • Screen snapshots (PCX & JPEG supported).
  • Control pad 1 & 2 emulated thru keyboard or joystick.
  • User configurable key & joystick button mappings.
  • A small GUI.
  • Split screen support.
  • Raster effects support.
  • Game Genie support (6 & 8 character codes).
  • Configuration file (madNES.INI).
  • Command line switches with long equivalents.
  • Runs at decent speed on a P150.
  • Game state saving.
  • Preliminary lightgun support.
  • Primitive sound emulation.
madNES lacks the following:
  • Auto fire.
  • Improve the GUI.
  • GIF support
  • More speed.
  • More mappers and/or improve the existing ones.
  • Improve sound emulation.
  • New graphic engine (merge the current engines into 1).
  • Improve lightgun emulation
  • Improve IRQ support to mapper 4.

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