by AkIlLa^
"NESEM is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for DOS. It is programmed in QuickBasic v7.1 Extended (not QBasic), and is made almost entirely in BASIC. The only thing not in basic is the keyboard routines which is an ASM routine inside the MYKBD files. I use the asm routine since there is no way to get key states in BASIC. INKEY$ just doesn't cut it.

NESEM is written by David de Regt, who goes by the nickname of AkIlLa^ in most internet places. Yes, for those of you who recognize the nickname, I *AM* the one who did the FF3e translation that was furthest until AWJ/Som2 did theirs. But anyway, on to the juicy tidbits of info that you actually wanna read! I also did NES4PC. =)"

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