Pasofami '99
by Nobuaki Andou

Andou's PasoFami was the first Nintendo emulator to appear on the emulation scene. Using unorthodox priority handling with Win32 and Windows itself and being in Japanese, PasoFami has always been a strange emulator. When released on the emulation scene, EFX of the late Damaged Cybernetics began ROM hacking and releasing PasoFami specific ROMs, while Chris Hickman, m0oc0w, and a few others translated different versions into English.

Speed on PasoFami was unmatched until NESticle debuted due to PasoFami not using full screen updates, but rather, single sprite updating. Sound emulation was early, but strangely enough, midi was used to emulate sound. While interesting, sound was most certainly incorrect due to only one midi instrument being used for each sound channel, and no special instrument sets being available. Later versions also suffered due to the five minute demo being put into effect. Eventually, Andou overcame hackers and PasoFami became untranslatable, unhackable, and unusable to English users.

Since mid-October of 1997, PasoFami has received three updates, quite a few more than have usually been issued. PCM sound has apparently been emulated through DirectSound, unfortunately, I, among others, have been unable to succeed in using this feature. PasoFami is quite obsolete as far as English users are concerned.


Pasofami '99

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