Jim Geffre

"Unfortunately, I am going back on my word. PCNES, as of today, is discontinued. I simply don't have the time to adequately maintain two emulators. There is an abundance of quality NES emulators available, so I would like to focus my efforts on my GB emulator. I would like to thank all those that have helped on my NES emulator, I truly appreciate it."

"PCNES is a DOS-based emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System written entirely in 386 assembly language, utilizing Adam Seychell's DOS32 protected mode extender. It is freeware, but not to be distributed with any ROMs."


  • The complete 6502 opcode set
  • Most NES registers (see To be implemented)
  • Mappers 0,1,2,3,and partial mapper 4,7,9,10,11,15,16,19,32,34 support
  • PPU emulation
  • 8x8 and 8x16 sprites
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Battery-backed ram (.sav)
  • Screenshot saving in pcx format
  • Near-perfect NES timing
  • Near-perfect NES palette
  • Joypad support

Coming Soon?

  • Sound (Soon, hopefully)
  • A few bug fixes
  • Certain sprite priorities
  • A couple NES register bits
  • Several Mappers
  • Fix Timing (Games such as RadRacer are still messed up)
  • File loader (and GUI?)

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