Paul Robson
"This is something I've wanted to do for ages - despite its popularity at the time NESA never was that great a piece of programming - except for compactness. I always thought I could do something better given the appropriate (Y0shi's !) documentation, and here it is. The 32 bit version does most of the things the original NESA didn't. (you know, like run NES games :) )"


  • All the usual hardware of the NES.
  • Multiple VGA Screen Resolutions [including a better 'shrunk' screen]
  • Can support 2 Players (with redefinable keys)
  • Sound via an Adlib card. (Ensoniq ? Pah !)
  • Good support for Mappers 0,1,2,3,4,7,9 and 11
  • Easy to add new mappers to program - nice modular design.
  • 4 Button Joystick support (1 player only)
  • Simple but useful Debugger
  • Game Genie Codes
  • Game Snapshots (up to 8 per cartridge)
  • Autofire
  • The Timing isn't perfect - still working on this (all assistance welcome)
  • 1Mb Mapper 1 Carts aren't supported (e.g. DW4, see above)
  • Some of the less common mappers aren't implemented (see above)
  • The DMA sound channel isn't implemented. Who cares ?
  • Sprite priorities on Mapper 4 (e.g. SMB3) (see above)
  • Snapshots have problems on Zelda 1 for some reason & can be generally off.
  • Sound can be ropey on some carts, great on others, not really attacked this problem much.

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