Ultimate NES
Rodrigo Gomes
"Ultimate NES is a very fast DOS based emulator for Nintendo. It has written assembly language with a large optimization for run good in any 386 based computer." states Gomes in the rather brief documentation for his relatively new Nintendo emulator.

Released on October 19, 1997, UNES has a great amount of competition to live up to, but with good sporting nature, Gomes lists Sardu in his acknowledgements among other helpers such as Yoshi and Loopy.

Time can make or break a new emulator when the competition is high. Gomes doesn't state what his motivation for making this emulator is, neither does he state his hopes and future plans or even a World Wide Web reference for new releases or news. Typical of the emulation scene, Ultimate NES is yet another gamble upon the fast paced world of emulation.

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Ultimate NES for MS-DOS
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