by Jean-Luc Picard
"It's simple. Got an N64? Got a backup device such as the Doctor V64 or the Z64? Then you have all the necessary requirements for using this emulator."

To Do List:

  • A totally re-written sound core, I want to UN-FUCK this fucker.
  • Hopefully a bit faster due to a new screen redraw method
  • more mappers
  • multi-rom support. this will fix some problems with sram too.
  • sram compression. this will allow for more sram's for games to be stored on one pak.
  • a new gui and menu system, with a star trek tng LCARS theme. hehehehe.
  • realtime save/load, if you don't know what these are check out other emu's.
  • a TOTALLY revamped merge.exe, with support for multi-roms, possible windows 95 long filename support, "friendly" naming of the roms, a cool interface and fileselector, native padding/checksum/sending. it will r0x0r j00.
  • more.

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