PSEmu Pro
by Duddie and Tratax

"PSEmu is a PlayStation Emulator for PC (x86 based computers) and Win32 operating systems (Windows 9x and Windows NT). Emulator means that you can use software designed for PlayStation and use this on your computer."

Minimal System Requirements:

  • x86 CPU with FPU (for example: Intel Pentium)
  • Win32 operating system (Windows 9x or WindowsNT)
  • 16MB RAM
  • SVGA board
  • CD-ROM
  • dump of PlayStation BIOS
  • PlayStation Games on CDs (Originals!)

Reccomended System Requirements:

  • AMD K6-2 or Pentium II CPU (this emulator utilizes 3D Now! and MMX technologies)
  • 64MB RAM
  • SVGA with 4MB of [Video] RAM and 3D acceleration
  • 16 bit Stereo Sound Card


  • Full Dynamic Recompilation of R3000 (this means that this emulator generates x86 code for replace MIPS code) with MMU utilization
  • MMX and 3D Now! technology utilization
  • PSEmu Plugin Technology implementation that gives programmers possibility to create own, well optimized drivers.

PSEmu Pro is a quite impressive Playstation emulator, which can actually run some games faster than a real Playstation on high-end PCs.

Download PSEmu Pro
PSEmu Pro for Win9x [Homepage]
Download Old (Unsupported) PSEmu
PSEmu for MS-DOS [Homepage]
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