"The first alpha of Sope is distributed as a binary-only file. Two versions are provided: a Linux/Alpha one, and a Linux/Intel one. For each version, two binaries are available: a dynamically linked one, and a statically linked one. I strongly recommend you to get the dynamic one, as it is MUCH smaller, but for that, you must have the shared library, which is part of the MESA Library. I guess you should have all the other requested shared libraries (libm, libXext, etc...). Oops, I almost forgot, you'll also need glibc as well...

"Sope requires a Color Depth in X-Windows of 24bpp in the Intel Version, and 32bpp for the Alpha version. If you can't provide these conditions and really want to test sope, e-mail me and I'll make other depth available (Not below 16bpp). Also, the output's quality will be a bit lower in 16bpp than in 24bpp.

"If you have any problem to run Sope, please e-mail me and we'll try to solve it. I'd also appreciate if you could tell me what you think of Sope.

"Now, some remarks. Sope is now very VERY slow. This is due to two things:

  1. Sope uses interpretive emulation, which is by definition quite slow
  2. Sope uses Mesa as an off-screen renderer
"Anyway, the purpose of Sope is, for the moment, not speed, but compatibility."
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