Daniele Terdina
"Q-emuLator is a software emulator of the Sinclair QL home computer.

"Originally written in 1994/95 for the Mac OS, Q-emuLator is now being ported to Windows 95.

"Q-emuLator emulates the QL's processor (the Motorola M68008) and redirects the basic QL I/O (video, keyboard, mouse, mass storage, sound, serial ports) to the PC hardware. Putting a QL's ROM in this virtual environment makes it possible to run QDOS without its noticing that it's not running in a QL black case."


  • Original QL with up to 4MB of RAM
  • Supports Sinclair and Minerva ROMs
  • Supports back 16K ROMs
  • Up to 8 microdrives, each mapped to a Windows directory or floppy disk drive
  • Access to QDOS formatted floppy disks
  • Original QL screen (mode 4, mode 8 without flash)
  • Should be compatible with any PC keyboard layout
  • Built-in ram disk
  • Sound
  • Mouse support (when the Pointer Environment is installed)
  • Serial ports
  • Parallel ports
  • Format QDOS floppy disks
  • MDV directory settings saved to disk
  • Faster graphics
  • Faster emulation

Download Q-emuLator
Q-emuLator for MacOS [Homepage]
Download Official Q-emuLator Ports
Unix Port by Richard Zidlicky [Homepage] Win95 Port by Daniele Terdina [Homepage]
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